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Life Connection Coaching   
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I offer coaching to all but am focused on helping parents balance their lives while
providing their children with love, support and understanding.  I focus on parents;
parents in crisis, single parents, parents of multiples, mothers of premature
babies, prospective parents, adoptive parents and parents of teenagers.
It's all about choice

The choices you make for yourself today are likely to affect the choices you make for
your children and how you make those decisions will impact your children forever.  
Life Coaching for Parents

Being the best parent you can be allows you to give your children
the skills that will make them the best people they can be.
You owe it to everyone including yourself, and your children to be happy!
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coaching or about a current issue..
Ask a question about parenting, children or
coaching and you will get a response within 24
hours. This way you have an opportunity to see
if coaching is for you.
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Cornerstone Connection
I would like to partner with you on a journey to discover
the full expression of your unique
potential, to cultivate a life filled of passion and fulfillment.
In addition to meeting your childcare
needs, an Au Pair Program provides a
wonderful opportunity for your children to
learn about foreign cultures and languages.

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